Monday, February 2, 2009

Things Thoughts 1-4

Introduction - Good
Directions - Good
Lifelong Learning - Good

Easiest of the habits for me is #1. Goal setting for me is automatic and has become the best way for me to accomplish almost anything. By creating a vision of the end product I can look at the steps to get there. Having "the end in mind" ensure that I don't lose my way or get off-topic.

Hardest - using technology to my advantage. I'm amazed at the amount of really awesome do-dads, gadgets, gizmos and widgets available. However, if it is not truly useful to me and easily used or accessed by others, I'm not sure I'll embrace it.

Case in point - blogs. Since I've set up and maintained a blog before this one was pretty easy. The blog, now deleted, was a place to share information regarding activities around the Centennial last year. It's intended audience, school librarians, were never able to access the blog due to filters and restrictions. So instead of being a good tool for communication it was an exercise in frustration.

I'm done for now. Warning! Posts with book titles in them will be book musings not things thoughts. Just so you know......


  1. That's too bad about the blog falling victim to filters. It seems that schools & libraries (in part due to legislative actions) seem focused so much more on what to BLOCK than on what to ALLOW. That negative mindset ends up affecting good intentioned projects such as yours.

  2. I agree about usefulness and ease of use. I love gadgets and technology but I'm also lazy. If it takes too much fiddling, I just punt.

    There are some great things that truly do save time and improve what they are designed to improve.. and that probably varies from person to person.

    Good to see you my doppleganger!

  3. Book musings are a good thing -- I'll be looking forward to them.

    I had a centennial blog, too. It's still up (until they figure out that the narrator has gone back to 1908) at