Friday, February 20, 2009

The RSS Adventure

The RSS Adventure was rather anti-climactic. Long ago, perhaps even in a galaxy far, far away, I created a Google Reader Account. Whereupon I subscribed madly to items of interest and then promptly abandoned the project (or perhaps fled screaming from the room due to information overload).

I do like the idea that the information is pushed to me as opposed to me going out there and pulling it.

I rediscovered the Google Reader account and trimmed it to a manageable 3 feeds that I am really truly interested in.

Bloglines seems much easier and friendlier to use. The easiest part is adding the feeds. I found it very simple to cut and paste the URL as needed. I have 3 here as well. Although I will have to remember to visit Bloglines after 23 Things is done. That would be the hard part.

I guess it is redundent to have both. Maybe when Shona gets us all upgraded to Office 2007 I can learn how to use outlook to feed my feeds habit!

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