Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I’ll stick with print

I love the newspaper. I read it every morning at home. We had an evening edition when I was very young and it was usually a fight to see which one of us kids could bring the newspaper to daddy. He would be relaxing in his recliner, freshly showered and shaved, after a hard day as an oilfield mechanic. The winner, bearing the newspaper prize, would be the one to climb up and sit on the chair arm when it was time to share the comic section. Good times.

So why am I musing about print when the topic is anything about technology? Just this morning in my freshly printed and pressed newspaper I discovered a special section devoted to the online version of the paper. I took some time this morning to look around at some of the new features, bells and whistles at http://www.tulsaworld.com/

The page loads faster. Thanks to some super-duty site optimization! A good thing. It’s re-organized, it takes fewer clicks to get around the content. And there’s more content. More articles, videos, graphics, music…etc.

The reporters are all blogging, (or to borrow a carefully-crafted turn of phrase from Carole Gilliland) they blah, blah, blahg. You can have breaking news sent to your email. You can create a free online account and set-up a profile just as you would on any other social networking site. You can comment on any article, vote in online polls and embed their videos on your website or blog.

But, I already engage in most of the technologies that I have time for. This is not one that I'm willing to sacrifice anything else for. I’m just not that into it. I’ll stick with print.

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