Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Rise and Fall of Shiny New Technology

Maybe you noticed my Shiny New Shelfari is gone (sorry Amy P, it was cool while it lasted). After I opened the account and began devising lists and shared my shelf with The World, ok, just you guys, I realized the process seemed vaguely familiar.

Der...I had done all of this before on Good Reads. GR does have a widget, as you can see, that adds covers. It also lets you create custom Shelves. Mine were/are Professional Reading and Sequoyah. I'm sure I'll add more.

So, since I had already devoted a lot of time an effort to my GR account I decided to go back with them. Besides, my RBF is on GR so somehow when we send each other notifications about what we are reading it almost feels like we're connected. :(

So, I haven't played with Library Thing yet...but soon. See that's the thing about 23 takes time.


  1. Call me shallow, but what I liked about Shelfari was the actual shelf graphic; aww, it's so cute. I don't see there where you can make your own categories, so GR is better for actual usefulness, seems to me. For this blog though, I'm staying with my shallow side; it's all about the look. (Haha, or, LOL).

  2. Yeah, the shelf was AWESOME. THe GR graphic is not really as nice but it gets the job done. GR is something I'll use post-23 things.